150 years of serving humanity

As a result of the armed conflict in Ukraine, over 100,000 persons arrived in Belarus from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The forced migrants suffer from a difficult financial situation and feel psychologically vulnerable. The Swiss Red Cross helps those who need it most.

Its objective is to satisfy the needs of 1,300 people in food and hygiene for the period of six months. The refugees receive vouchers that in certain stores can be exchanged for food, hygiene products, clothing, and other goods, except for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and jewelry. In addition, upon a migrant’s appeal and its consideration by the commission, migrants’ expenses for medical services (chemotherapy, surgical and obstetric care) and pharmacy products can be covered.

The help is provided to the most vulnerable persons, such as the lonely elderly with disabilities who have faced problems in receiving pensions, allowances, or medical services; families that have arrived without a breadwinner; families with many children; pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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