150 years of serving humanity
18 June 2018
Its authors became the finalists of "Social Weekend", the largest social projects contest in Belarus. This year the SRC has established a new contest nomination, "Healthy and Active Ageing".
11 June 2018
See the photos.
6 April 2018
Belarus Red Cross staff and beneficiaries share their experience in applying the modern methodology in two 5-minute videos.
2 April 2018
The guests will learn more about the progress in the implementation of the SRC program in Belarus and discuss further cooperation with the Belarus Red Cross Society.
13 March 2018
This is a mini film. Its heroes and heroines live in the Belarusian countryside. Each of them found the courage to change her or his life: gave up smoking, overcame alcohol addiction, chose healthier food and active leasure. Here are their stories.
3 October 2017
We have discussed the new economic trend with Liudmila Istomina, Ph.D. in Economics, a business consultant and, as she calls herself, an advocate of the elderly.
29 September 2017
The project motto is "Minsk, a city friendly to everyone".
20 September 2017
The Garden helps to regain psychological and emotional wellbeing at any age.